Turner Events



 In English it would be called “Founder’s Festival”.  This is a night all the Concordia Turner’s come together to celebrate our childrens accomplishments that are showcased in an amazing show!  You will see their gymnastics, trampoline, dance, sport stacking and martial arts routines!  This is a wonderful fundraising event so don’t forget your check books for the silent auction!



Every four years, Turners from all parts of the United States gather together and match skills in their various sports and cultural events. While geared to competition, it is a chance to meet new people and renew friendships with those of similar interests.

In almost all of the events, the entrants are divided into age groupings where the competition is within that group.



Held the First Thursday in November every year. The Turner’s join together in the Black Forest Room for a traditional German Sausage Meal. While enjoying traditional German entertainment.


100 Club

The 100 Club was formed in 2002 to enhance Concordia’s back up fund for the needs of the organization.  Memberships are $100 per person or $50 each if shared by two.


Turner Camp

Enjoy overnight camping less than 20 minutes from St. Louis or stay for the day!  Bring the family for a picnic or BBQ, take a dip in the outdoor pool!  You will love hiking and exploring 110 acres and the Black Rock Creek Bed! Join us for special events such as Fireworks in July and Hayrides!