Preschool Gymnastics

Tiny Turners – Parent / Tot – Age 2 ‐ 3

This program is designed for children ages 2-3 with parent participation. Our curriculum for this program is designed for growing bodies and is an introduction to gymnastics. Children will be introduced to skills on vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline.

Key skills:
Floor: Front roll, introduction to back roll, tripod, cartwheel, candlestick and table
Vault: Introduction to running skills, spring board drills, horse, and dismounts
Beam: Walk forward, backwards and sideways, kicks, passé, scales and introduction to mounts and dismounts
Bars: Front support, monkey hang, swings, series of body positions and roll out
Trampoline: Introduction to jumps, seat drop, doggie drop and quarter turns


Kinder Turners – Age 4 ‐ 5

This program is designed as an introduction to gymnastics for both boys and girls ages 4-5. Our curriculum for this class is designed for the children to be learning the basic skills of gymnastics so there is an easy transition learning our compulsory routines. Children will be learning skills on vault, bars, beam floor, Trampoline and Double-Mini.

Key Skills:
Floor: Front roll, back roll, introduction to headstand and handstand, cartwheel, introduction to bridge and round off
Vault: Running skills, spring board drills, skills using horse, dismounts and introduction to handstand flat back
Beam: Walk forward, backwards and sideways, kicks, passé, chasse, scale, introduction to pivot turns, front roll and dismounts
Bars: Front support, pullover, casts, back hip circle, roll out and series of body positions
Trampoline: Jumps, seat drop, introduction to back drop and front drop, half turn
Double Mini: Jumps and landing skills